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What’s up:

Glad to announce my upcoming album release on the label NEXT Festival Records; late spring 2024! Supported by SOZA, Slovak Arts Council and Pavol Lupták.


As a guest composer I was commissioned to compose an electroacustic piece for RADIO(C)USTICA – program of the czech Radio Vltava. As a part of this project I also recorded a composition – Concert for my hand made sound objects, voice, electronics and violin in the studios of the Czech radio. You can listen to the pieces in the archive:

RADIO(C)USTICA – click to listen


My solo piano piece was selected for the ISCM 2021 – WORLD NEW MUSIC DAYS in China 🙂

+ My piece for strings was selected as one of the winning pieces of the young composer’s competition KONVERGENCIE 2021!

 Art – TV archive (link 1)

Video link on TV program Umenie / Art. Composing for film vs. classical music (film Rožok / Sweet 16(mm)).

Director: Braňo Gotthardt

Art – TV archive (link 2)

Video link on a TV program Umenie. Brief composer’s profile.

Director: Braňo Gotthardt

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© 2021 Barbora Tomášková - All Rights Reserved